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Flights to Maldives to the Maldives

Male International Airport

The Male International Airport (MLE) is the Maldives’ principal international airport.  It was previously known as the Hulhule Airport, because of its location on Hulhule Island in the North Male Atoll.  Male Airport is the only airport in the island nation of the Maldives that currently receives international flights.  Another airport, Gan, has been recently updated to international standards, but international flights have not yet begun operations.

The Maldives International Airport opened in 1966 as Hulhule Airport, and operated under that name until 1981 when the name was officially changed to Male.

Male International Airport


The runway at Male International Airport stretches from one end of the small island to the other, making it one of the world’s most spectacular airports at which to arrive.  From the moment you are landing, there are expansive views of tiny white-sand islands and crystalline blue waters.

Currently, there are more than 25 airlines offering direct scheduled and chartered flights to Male International Airport (MLE) from over 27 cities around the world, including London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Colombo, Delhi, Singapore, Doha, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, to name a few.  If you consider all the possible connecting flights, the Maldives is a very accessible destination, albeit a long-haul journey for most visitors.

Note: A USD $12 departure tax is charged to every passenger leaving the Maldives.  This tax may have been included in your airline ticket (this depends on the airline).  If not, you must pay the tax at the airport.  Only US Dollars are accepted for this tax.

Male International Airport Services

The Male International Airport is a modern facility offering a variety of services to make your time in the airport as comfortable as possible.  The following are just some of the amenities offered to passengers travelling through the Maldives’ International Airport:

•    Duty-Free Shopping
•    Post Office
•    Free Shower Facilities
•    Internet Access
•    Foreign Exchange Service
•    24-hour Healthcare Centre
•    Children’s Playground

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