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Nautilus Two | Special offer for single cabins

0416 Nautilus Two collage 300x168 Nautilus Two | Single use cabins WITH NO surcharge








Ari & South Summer Special

29 June – 07 July
8 nights
1376 EUR

Saving of 1000 EUR on usual single supplement

18 – 28 July
10 nights
1720 EUR

18 – 28 August
10 nights
1720 EUR

11 – 21 September
10 nights
1720 EUR

Saving of 1250 EUR on usual single supplement

Only valid on the mentioned dates

Too good to be true?
No, it’s for real! You get a cabin for single use on your own without a surcharge – paying just half the twin share rate. Of course, if you want to bring a buddy along then you can share the cabin!

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Pelagic Magic from April – July

North Ari Atoll: Grey reef sharks, Maaya Thila night dive, Manta cleaning stations
South Ari Atoll: Whale sharks, Pinnacles

3697818681 6b596294b1 z 300x224  Pelagic Magic starts right now

This route takes you on a manta and whale shark expedition in the North & South Ari Atolls. Exact dive sites vary depending on diver experience levels, local conditions and where the best sightings have been.

Pelagic Magic gets you face to face with the famous whale sharks of Ari Atoll. As this itinerary devotes more time here, you are certain to get your whale shark fix. Then grab your snorkel and splash in to float feet away from whale sharks.

With around 17 dives, as well as the chance to snorkel, this is an action packed week. The sightings start right from the beginning. Manta Point (otherwise known as Lankan Finolhu) is a cleaning station with reliable manta sightings. Hafsa Thila and Maya Thila are yet more iconic dive site where sharks are plentiful. Look out for baby white tips under the large table corals. But it is at night that Maya Thila really comes alive.

Maamagili is the place to find whale sharks at this time as they follow the seasonal currents. Manta chase plankton trails too into the nearby lagoons. Discover the lush corals and schooling fish at the likes of Reethi Thila and Kuda Rah.

This is a great itinerary for everyone. No matter what your experience level this is a Maldives itinerary you can enjoy. There can be some drift diving so experience of diving in currents is advisable. Don’t forget to take your reef hook to make shark watching all the easier. Pelagic Magic runs when the pelagics sightings are at their optimum in North and South Ari.

Currents can be strong. All your diving is made from dhonis or zodiacs to give precise entry and exits points.

Find out more here

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Save 25%  on Liveaboard Adora

Best of Maldives
24 April – 01 May
25% off in a standard cabin

Adora2 580x399 300x206 STOP PRESS! Last minute special saving on AdoraUsual price 2254 USD
Saver price 1690 USD

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Liveaboard diving on Virgo or Orion from just 1442 USD!

Come and enjoy 7 days’ diving on Virgo or Orion with a welcoming and wonderfully experienced crew!

Virgo Orion collage 300x168 Dive the Maldives! Great value happiness

Best of Maldives
17 – 24 April and 24 April – 1 May
1733.20 USD

8 – 15 May and 15 – 22 May
1442.00 USD  

29 May – 5 June
5 – 12 June
12 – 19 June
19 – 26 June
26 June – 3 July
3 – 10 July
10 – 17 July
1792.00 USD

Best of Maldives
24 April – 1 May
1876.00 USD

31 July – 7 August
Manta Madness
1876.00 USD

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Dive the Best of the Maldives with us and enjoy one of the most magical trips of a lifetime.

Here are some of the areas you will visit:

0316 collage max jadav on Emperor Voyager Best of the Maldives 2 300x168 Dive the Best of the Maldives   what to expect!Rasdhoo Atoll: Hammerhead dive, beautiful reef with pelagics
North Ari Atoll: Grey reef sharks, Maaya Thila night dive, manta cleaning     stations
South Ari Atoll: Whale sharks, beautiful pinnacles
South Male Atoll: Grey reef sharks, eagle rays, pelagics, macro wreck
Vaavu Atoll: Channels with magical soft corals and pelagic delights. Action   packed night dive with nurse sharks and others
North Male Atoll: Pinnacles

Enjoy those channels, drifts and pinnacles where you’re likely to meet mantas, whale sharks and marine life galore. Get up close at the cleaning stations and dive one of the best known sites, Maaya Thila; approximately 30m in diameter and falling away to reveal sharks and fish a plenty.

A night dive from sheltered moorings here is a must! And the boat will also aim to find whale sharks so you can get in the water and snorkel with them.

There is no minimum number of dives needed here but it helps if you’re comfortable with drift dives.

Contact us today and start making those plans.

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collage of Chris Mario Alex 300x168 Emperor Maldives: 99 years experience of Maldives dive guiding

Chris Tricky, Mario and Alex Bryant know this area like the back of their fins. Find out more…

Meet some of the Emperor Maldives team who know where to find the best dive sites, the best marine life and to help make your holiday one to remember.

Click here to meet them.

Then click here to book!

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Enjoy 30% off room rates for all trips from 1 May to 30 September!

Please note, discount does not apply to the transfer cost and all bookings with summer discount must be booked with a sea plane transfer.

Contact us today!

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Constellation Fleet Maldives


8D7N Cruise only Pay for 6 Nights!


Join Maldives premier liveaboard diving fleet in August and September 2015 from as little as USD1500 per person for 8D7N with 17 dives, full-board accommodation, and all the comforts that diving with the best of Maldives entails.

For more information please contact us with any questions on info@maldivesdivetravel.com

The Constellation Fleet in Maldives is an Award winning provider of Diving and Liveaboard services, with a dedicated and professional team to take care of your every need while on your well deserved holiday.

The boats are all currently in for their annual 2 month rest and maintenance period. All 3 boats are being given a fresh lick of paint, and minor renovations. The boats will all be getting new air-conditioning systems this year which will add to the already high levels of client comfort.

Why not join Constellation Fleet in August and September to be the first few to experience the fresh feel of these wonderful Liveaboards?

For bookings and more information please contact us on info@maldivesdivetravel.com

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Manta, Whaleshark & Wrecks – North (outward trip)

Join Emperor Atoll for these awesome special trips to the North of Maldives:

10 300x200 Special Itineraries 1; Manta, Whaleshark & Wrecks   North

Atolls Visited

These special itineraries have been chosen to run when the manta are most prolific between August and October.

Boarding your liveaboard in Male, you head north to begin your safari ending in Baa Atoll (Hanifaru Bay) where you catch a flight back to Male.

Your journey begins with wreck diving at Gaafaru Atoll, continuing on to the northern atolls of Lhaviyani and Noonu with an abundance of grey reef sharks, exciting channel diving, beautiful coral formations and pinnacles brimming with life.

Baa Atoll is home to Hanifaru Lagoon where you can snorkel with the manta and whalesharks that come to feed on the plankton in this shallow lagoon. Of course, sightings can’t be guaranteed but joining us at this time of year means your chances are really high! Baa Atoll is also home to many pinnacles, overhangs and alternative manta sites.

You can combine this itinerary with the Manta, Whaleshark & Reefs – South itinerary, which is the return trip but calling at different sites, making an exciting two week safari covering eight atolls. Contact us for details and prices.

Please note: This itinerary is at the Cruise Director’s discretion based on the weather and current conditions to ensure you get the most possible interactions with manta and whaleshark.

You don’t need a minimum number of dives but you should be comfortable with drift dives. Currents can be strong. All your diving is made from dhonis or zodiacs to give precise entry and exits points. Experienced divers can dive in a buddy pair unguided.
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10 things every scuba diver needs to know 1050x741 300x211 10 things a diver should know

10 things a diver should know:

  1. Don’t touch: Even if it feels tempting to touch the turtle’s back or the corals. Don’t. You have no idea how big damage you can cause
    You should read more about becoming a more sustainable diver.
  1. Buoyancy skills: This is one of the most important skills a diver can master. Breathe in to go up, out to go down. Only use the BCD to compensate for depth changes.
    If you want to master your buoyancy all you have to do is practice and practice on very dive. Here are a few buoyancy tips to help you on the way.
  1. Watch your fins: If you don’t have control of your fins, you have no idea what they are breaking or who you are kicking in the face. If you hit something: Stop, look and if necessary take a stroke with the hands.
    It’s all about your finning techniques and knowing where you are in the water. Spend some time training your possession and finning techniques. Preferably on a sandy bottom.
  1. Watch your air: Stating the obvious. Still remember to monitor your air, as often as you can.
    Managing your air is never a waste of time, in the long run you’ll get more dive time.
  1. Never exceed your limits: Even if there the best reason to goo that deep or do that dive. Don’t ever exceed what you feel you can dive, or what you are trained to dive.
    The only thing that can really result form this is DCI. This is the extreme, I know, but is it really worth risking, just to get a bit deeper. And if it’s that cool down there, why not get the proper training for that depth?
  1. Don’t follow peer pressure: This goes with point 5, don’t dive if you are not confident it’s the right dive plan for YOU. Don’t let anyone else say what is right for you. Always hold the right to call a dive.
  1. Keep blowing bubbles: It’s the most important rule in scuba diving, so by now you should already know it. There are plenty of other ways to extend your dive time, so don’t waste time holding your breath. It doesn’t give you more dive time and it can be very dangerous.
  1. Dive gear: take care of your dive gear, and your gear will take care of you. Don’t slack on the dive equipment maintains. If it has been a while since your last equipment checkup, here’s a great guide to getting your dive gear ready for the first dive.
  1. Listen to the briefing: There’s nothing worse than a diver who didn’t pay attention to the dive guides briefing, and ends up getting lost or spoiling the dive, because he didn’t know what to do. So just pay attention.
  1. Don’t touch: Yes we covered this already, but I don’t mind repeating. Don’t touching anything underwater. Take only pictures leave only bubbles.
    It’s really that important that I had to mention it twice. If all divers keep touching just one thing a dive, we’ll end up having nothing left.

What did we miss?

What is your top 10 list of important scuba knowledge? Did we miss any points? Tell us your best scuba advice in the comments below. All the other divers want to know as well.

Read more: http://www.dive.in/articles/10-things/#ixzz3XuwfhN98