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Mantas galore with Emperor Serenity and guests…0816 manta from virgo 300x199 Emperor Serenity trip report | 13 – 20 August “For some of our guests it was their first personal experience with these giants of the ocean and one they would always remember.”

Not the best of visibility but we didn’t care as that’s what mantas love! But at Lankan Point these magnificent creatures are not coming in for feeding, they are coming in to be cleaned and to socialize with other mantas coming in for the same reason. We enjoyed just a small current today and the marine life was quite exceptional, especially in this particular area where we don’t necessarily dive for the corals and fish; there were masses of fusiliers being hunted by snapping jacks and dogtooth tunas. Large numbers of snappers of every size and design added a great splash of colour. We stayed clear of the titan triggerfish who was enormous but got up close and personal with the hawksbill turtles we found digging for food on the top of the reef. Best of all was what we came for; we had a solo female manta arrive to the cleaning station and we enjoyed watching her as she gently flinched at the cleaning wrasses’ nibbles and pecks – successful in their mission to clean the parasites off her large, graceful body.

Embudhoo Express lived up to its name today and we were ‘slightly’ challenged by a fast running current. This decent current brought out the bigger boys who swam against it with such ease we felt clumsy and cumbersome in our gear. We enjoyed the show put on by the numerous grey reef sharks who were soon joined by white tip reef sharks of all sizes, juveniles learning to handle the currents (and nosey divers) and older more experienced adults. When we could tear our eyes off the main predators of the site we spotted many morays – giant, leopard and one splendidly decorated honeycomb moray. A good challenging dive but it was smiles all round after.

We all love this little wreck when we have it to ourselves! With almost perfect visibility and no current to speak of we spent time casually exploring the structure and its environs. Numerous types of shrimps went about their daily business…doing what shrimps do! On the wreck itself we found several types of moray including one free-swimming, which we don’t see too often on a day time dive. For those with alert eyes, several beautifully camouflaged scorpionfish were spotted, sitting quietly waiting for some unsuspecting prey to pass their way. Best of all had to be the large school of chevron barracudas which hung in the water at the bow of the wreck keeping a beady eye on possible lunch options.

No matter how many times we dive at Alimatha it can still surprise us with the number of sharks who turn up to entertain us and feed and socialise. Timing it so we jumped as the sun was just slipping below the horizon, we entered the water and could immediately see large numbers of nurse sharks already there, some swimming up and down the channel, some keeping to the shallow sandy area and some doing both. These sharks are adorable. The ones who visit Alimatha are very large in size and great in number. Their eyesight is pretty poor so they are often known to unwittingly bump into and gently nudge guests as they make their way past. For some divers it can be a bit of a fright, but a wonderful experience. The nurse sharks were joined this evening by a few hunting blacktips.

This is such a lovely dive site at all times and with today’s gorgeous conditions it was nearly at its perfect best. We dived into this marine paradise and were engulfed by fish who created an artist’s palette of colours around us. A true Kodak moment, which lasted for the entire dive! Apart from the sharks, who were close to the thila but still in the blue, we saw an unexpected nurse shark and several very large dogtooth tunas. All around the thila there were clouds of midnight and blue-lined snappers, jacks and trevallies and clouds of the odd-looking surgeon fish. Everyone loved the pristine anemone garden in the shallows, where we spotted some lovely shrimps and even some brightly decorated nudibranchs.

MANTAS! MANTAS! MANTAS! We were mesmerized by the mantas who arrived this morning and displayed their athletic abilities with grace, ease and absolute elegance. For some of our guests it was their first personal experience with these giants of the ocean, and one they would always remember. We were rooted to the spot watching as the mantas barrel rolled and swooped around us, almost oblivious to our excitement and bubbles. When we did finally look away we also saw some lovely nudibranchs, a few sharks and many lovely corals but the talk around the breakfast tables later was definitely the mantas!

Another favourite site amongst the guides, Bathala usually manages to astound even the most seasoned of divers. The shoals of red tooth triggers who sweep along the ridge create a reef of electric blue and their frenetic energy seems to energise the fusiliers into swimming faster than normal and the snappers to arrive in huge numbers. Behind these smaller fish come the predators – the jacks, the trevallies and the tunas who arrive with only one agenda, to hunt and to eat! Today’s dive was electric with so many fish around us, so for much of the dive we just hung in the tiny current on the top of the reef and watched the fishy world go by. Then back to the incredible space and comfort of Emperor Serenity. Does life get much better than this?

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Nautilus Two
TEN nights
12 – 26 October
SPECIAL – NO single surcharge!

Just €2.460 for 10 nights from/to Male on the fabulous Ari & South route.

With no single surcharge you save €1.400!

Email our friendly, knowledgeable team today.


Meet MV Nautilus Two

At 43m, the Nautilus Two is more than just another liveaboard. Built entirely from wood, according to Maldivian time-tested methods, this ship is so visually appealing.

Lots of room, beautiful construction and the most modern equipment plus 12 spacious, luxurious cabins. And you can enjoy the Jacuzzi, recliners and onboard bar!

Dives are from her diving dhoni, accompanied by two professional dive guides. NITROX is available at a surcharge.

No diving destination offers more schools of fish, more colourful reef fish, a wider variety of underwater landscapes or better diving services. The average water temperature is 28°C throughout the year and visibility can be as much as 50 metres.

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Just look at these photos from Emperor Virgo

0816 manta from virgo 300x199 More mantas than you can believe!

There are some amazing photos from Virgo of mantas like never before!

Click the photo to enjoy them all on Facebook here.

Want to be there?
How about 2 – 9 October on Emperor Virgo for a Manta Madness trip.
Just 1715 Euros!

>> More on Emperor Virgo here…




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Virgo Orion collage 300x168 Orion   Best of Maldives Super spacious boat at great rates


Rates as low as $225 per night including meals and diving

MV Orion
Standard cabin
7 nights JUST 1575 USD
Usual retail price: 1879.50 USD for 7 nights


7 – 14 August Best of Maldives
14 – 21 August Manta Madness
21 – 28 August Best of Maldives

Space! There’s lots of it because all your diving takes place from her 19.8m dhoni. So your liveaboard is all yours and free of diving equipment.

On board is the sitting area and reception room, dining area and bar. The choice of food is international but look out for the curries by Orion’s Sri Lankan chef – really tasty! And from this September you can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine with your evening meal. On the upper deck is the jacuzzi, a seating area and massage room (paid locally subject to availability).

Best of Maldives is perfect for first time visitors to the Maldives – both divers and non-divers. If you’re a diver then ideally you will be happy with drift diving but there’s no minimum number of dives needed. Night diving is well worth jumping in for in the sheltered areas. There is always something new to see and dive so this route can be done lots of times and never become mundane. With such a big fabulous marine life going on, it’s a case of taking it all in. Time after time!

Email our friendly, knowledgeable team today 

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Not 318 USD but JUST 183 USD a night!

0516 casa mia collage 300x168 Seriously sizzling summer savings at Casa Mia Maldives  Now is the time for you to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

And with these savings, you’ll want to book today!

Savings of up to 135 USD on super Sea View Deluxe room. At just 183 USD a night instead of the usual 318 USD.



Savings are also available on other rooms:

Garden View just 137 USD from 244 USD
Beach View just 126 USD from 288 USD
Sea View and Beach View Deluxe just 168 USD from 300 USD

Casa Mia is your home away from home in the Maldives. A beach hotel and dive centre where you can relax in 24 beautifully appointed rooms arranged around a private swimming pool and private beach.

Please note, discount does not apply to the transfer cost and all bookings with summer discount must be booked with a sea plane transfer. 

Email our friendly, knowledgeable team today 


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0416 Nautilus Two collage 300x168 10 day liveaboard just 860 Euros with buddy on Nautilus Two

What a super deal we have for you.

When two of you book onto this trip on 18 July, it’s just 860 Euro per person.

Book 10 days’ diving on Nautilus Two from 18 – 28 July and pay just 860 Euro!

Usually it’s 1720 Euro but, we repeat, you can go for just 860 Euro per person with a buddy!

The route is Ari and South sailing from Male.

Book it quickly! Email us here.

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adora 1 300x75 Its time to adore Adora! One night FREE of charge until 21 August

Enjoy one night FREE of charge until 21st August!

Join us on the Best of Maldives on any of the following dates for just 1566 USD!

10 – 17 July
17 – 24 July
24 – 31 July
31 July – 7 August
7 – 14 August
14 – 21 August

Save 268 USD on a standard cabin. Now that’s tempting!

Ready to book? Email us here. Or read more about Adora right here.

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IMG 9421ian 300x225 MV Virgo trip report | You will want to be here

Enjoy this ‘makes you want to be there’ report from Constellation Fleet dive guides on MV Virgo.

“Within our first 15 minutes of being in the water for the first dive of this brilliant trip, we had an enormous manta slowly swim over our heads as if to say Welcome to Maldives! And then it just got better.”

Read all about the fun and adventure here – and enjoy the fab photos with thanks to guest, Ian, for sharing.

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0715 Orion bow and island 300x200 What to expect from a liveaboard holiday? We give you the lowdown   and the highlights!The Maldives is an unfeasibly beautiful country and nothing lets you experience that beauty more than a liveaboard diving holiday. With a super choice of boats, we will take you to the most iconic dive spots, islands and atolls.

The great thing about a liveaboard is that your time is spent on board whilst we sail across the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean and dive the best dive sites. Sounds incredibly tempting doesn’t it?

Click here for an overview of what a dive safari holiday has to offer.

For more information or if you have any questions, do please talk to us directly or email us.

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Dive the celebrated Maldives on exclusive liveaboard, Virgo! You can cruise the atolls of Male and Ari knowing you’re getting great value on a liveaboard devoted to your diving holiday (she’s pretty good for non-divers too!).

• Upper deck cabins: 2 double/twin
• Main deck cabins: 2 double/twin
• Lower deck cabins: 5 double/twin (1 available as a Triple with a small single bed)
At a glance
• Select liveaboard for just 15 divers (18 divers from August 2016)
• Lower and upper deck twin or double cabin options
• Welcoming, spacious saloon and restaurant-style dining area
• Mouth-watering cuisine with international dishes
• Spacious saloon with internationally stocked bar
• Onboard WiFi (local charges) when in range
• FREE Nitrox

0416 virgo collage 300x300 Spotlight on Virgo   come and meet herAccommodating 18 divers over her 32m length, all her cabins have twin beds with one single cabin. All cabins are ensuite. Upper deck cabins have large windows giving amazing views to the ocean and islands beyond.

Non-divers are very welcome and get a free snorkelling kit + $50 voucher to spend on board

Decorated in light wood and contemporary style, the main deck has a large saloon with comfy sofas. The bar is fully licensed so you can enjoy your favourite tipple as the sun dips below the horizon. The upper deck has loungers for sun bathing and just kicking back.

Virgo is one of the few liveaboards in the Maldives that is rebreather friendly and supports Poseidon MKV1, AP vision and manual megaldon units.

What’s included?
• Shared cabin; 7 nights; 6 days’ diving, 3 meals a day; afternoon snacks; 1 BBQ dinner on uninhabited island (weather allowing); unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee; total of 17 dives (inc 1 night dive); guide, tanks, weights. Free Nitrox; return airport transfer; Government taxes and bed tax; Male city tour (on request); separate diving dhoni
• Not included: Flight, diving equipment, alcohol, soft drinks, juices. WiFi – 20 USD per week, payable on board

Click here to discover more on Virgo
or email our friendly, knowledgeable team today