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The Best Manta Ray Season in the Maldives – 2011

October 3rd, 2011 Comments off

Is 2011 the Best Manta Ray Season Maldives has Seen in Years?

gundi1 300x225 The Best Manta Ray Season in the Maldives   2011

Manta rays are often photographed swimming close to scuba divers

Over the past few months, we have been swamped with reports of manta ray sightings in the Maldives, with overjoyed divers and dive guides agreeing that it has been a bumper year for manta lovers. Many of our boats, such as Theia and MV Aquarius, have responded by launching special “Manta Madness” cruises, which take guests to the best Manta spots of the Maldives.

“It seems that thanks to numerous conservation efforts, the Maldives manta ray population is doing well these days. This is great news, especially considering that manta rays are an endangered species in most parts of the world.”

The recovery of the manta ray population in the Maldives appears to be evident in the dive logs of all of the liveaboard diving cruise ships we work with, as well as from anecdotal evidence we’ve received from crew members and guests over the past few months.

The abundance of mantas is also something observed by the Save Our Seas Foundation. Guy Stevens, the head of the foundation’s manta ray conservation project in the Maldives, recently commented: “The Maldives is the perfect place for these reef mantas; there is plenty of food all year round, there are few natural predators, and most importantly in today’s world of human exploitation, there has never been a significant or commercial fisheries for manta rays in the Maldives.” To read the whole interview, click here.

Best Time to See Manta Rays in the Maldives

Traditionally, the summer months offer the best chances for diving or snorkeling with manta rays in the Maldives. This is because of the higher amount of plankton in the water, which has a significant bearing on the manta ray migration in the Maldives. A manta ray diet consists mainly of plankton and the prevailing winds and currents of the hot Maldivian summer can create such a high concentration of food in certain places that a manta ray feeding frenzy ensues.

Watch this thrilling video of an underwater expedition amongst several manta rays in the Maldives

One of the most famous places where so-called manta ray cyclone feeding can occur, is the now legendary Hanifaru Bay, a dive spot made famous by a breathtaking photo reportage published by the National Geographic in 2009.

Especially in August, it is not uncommon to see more than a hundred animals gathering here during the Maldives manta ray season to make the most of the site’s unique geographical position, which sweeps huge amounts of plankton into the bay at certain times. This manta ray behavior is sometimes referred to as a “manta ray feeding aggregation”. The Maldives is known for the world’s largest aggregations of such nature.

Manta Ray Cleaning Stations Maldives

Another important element in the lives of these fascinating and absolutely harmless sea creatures are the many manta ray cleaning stations of the Maldives, which can attract several mantas at once. Seeing a troupe of imposing rays queue politely for their turn at the cleaning station is an absolutely unforgettable sight. Experienced dive guides such as ours know the locations of the most highly frequented feeding stations, where chances of diving with manta rays in the Maldives are the highest.

IMG 1883 300x225 The Best Manta Ray Season in the Maldives   2011

A open-mouthed manta ray approaches the camera

The manta ray cleaning stations of the Maldives are essentially rock or coral formation where manta rays stop by regularly to let cleaner wrasses pick parasites and dead skin particles off their bodies. It’s a symbiosis that is mutually beneficial – the cleaner wrasses get a steady delivery of food, while the manta rays have better chances of avoiding skin irritations and potentially dangerous infections caused by parasites.

Responsible Tourism in the Maldives – An Economic Necessity

While it seems that mantas in the Maldives are adept at taking care of themselves in terms of food and skincare, they need our help to protect their habitats from the negative impacts of human activity around them.

Their playful behavior and seeming indifference – even curiosity – for human visitors is remarkable and plays a big part in the tourism industry of the Maldives. The question is: how to balance economic development and mass tourism with the protection of the manta ray habitats of the Maldives?

The answer lies in a responsible approach to economic opportunities. Unlike commonly assumed, tourism can play a vital role in conservation efforts. The logic is simple – the manta ray population Maldives is of crucial importance to the economy and, as such, must be protected.

Stevens explains: “The more people who visit the Maldives in search of an encounter with manta rays the better; tourism really is important for the long term survival of manta rays in the Maldives and elsewhere around the world. However, tourism needs to be managed so that it is truly sustainable. As specific sites, such as Hanifaru, become overwhelmed with tourists there is a growing need for effective management to ensure that this site does not become degraded.”

g4 600x450 The Best Manta Ray Season in the Maldives   2011

Close-up shot of a manta ray in Maldives

The great challenge that lies ahead is to find a solution on how to manage sensitive manta ray feeding sites and how to enforce existing laws. The wheels of policy and bureaucracy have been notoriously slow in the Republic of the Maldives over the last decades. However, the new government’s commitment to environmental issues provides hope for responsible tour operators and scuba divers alike.

As always, Maldives Dive Travel is fully supportive of marine conservation efforts in the Maldives. We do our best to educate our staff and guests about the importance of responsible diving. It is our aim to help ensure that the magnificent marine life of the Maldives remains as breathtakingly beautiful as it is now for the next generations of scuba divers.

Want to experience the thrill of diving with manta rays in the Maldives? Our experienced booking agents and dive guides are at your service.

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Diving Holidays in Maldives

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Among scuba divers around the world, it’s no secret that the diving in Maldives is spectacular. In fact, the diving sites in Maldives consistently rank on lists of the best dive sites in the world.  While people come to go scuba diving in the Maldives to experience all the underwater life, from the stunning coral formations and their reef-dwelling inhabitants, to the large pelagic species that roam these waters, it’s the whale shark diving in the Maldives and the abundance of manta rays that really pull in the diving masses.

Maldives Underwater Photos Dancing Manta Diving Holidays in Maldives

Diving in the Maldives

Best Diving in the Maldives

There are literally hundreds of great scuba diving spots in Maldives, so no matter what time of year you visit, or how many times you visit, you will find a new underwater spot just waiting to be explored.  If you were to ask for just a few of the best diving sites in Maldives, anyone would have to mention Lion’s Head in the North Male Atoll for its gorgeous coral and the opportunities for grey reef shark diving in the Maldives that can be had here.  Similarly, they would have to mention Kuda Haa, also on the North Male Atoll where some of the best diving in Maldives is found in terms of smaller species: here you will find lionfish, moray eels and eagle rays.  If its manta ray diving in Maldives that you’re interested in, you’ll find that among the top diving sites in the Maldives is Hanifaru Bay in the Baa Atoll.  Definitely, diving with manta rays in Maldives is one of the biggest attractions for divers to the country and there’s no place on earth that allows divers to encounter so many manta rays on one visit.

While you’re here, you should also try to do some shark diving in Maldives, and don’t worry, the shark species in the Maldives are all typically harmless.  Diving with whale sharks in Maldives is one of the great attractions of this diving destination and it is one of the only places in the world where you can enjoy whale shark diving in the Maldives all year round.  Whale sharks are incredibly gentle creatures and because most whale shark encounters are enjoyed while snorkeling, it means you don’t even have to be a qualified scuba diver to experience one of these amazing animals.  You can also expect to see grey reef sharks, white tip sharks and zebra sharks while scuba diving at any of the good diving sites in Maldives.

While the Maldives is definitely not known as a wreck diving destination, there are a couple of opportunities for wreck diving in Maldives that will satisfy the urges for an interesting wreck dive.  The most famous is the Maldive Victory Wreck, an advanced dive that explores a ship that sank in 1981 and is now a favourite spot for sea turtles, barracudas and fusiliers.

Cost of Scuba Diving in Maldives

One of the most crucial pieces of knowledge about diving holidays in Maldives is the price of diving in Maldives which can vary dramatically.  From a resort dive shop, the diving rate in Maldives is around USD $50 per dive.  On top of this, you also have to pay for boat trips and if you’re visiting distant dive sites, the diving costs in the Maldives can get quite expensive. The most affordable diving in Maldives is definitely the liveaboard scuba diving holiday.  You will be surprised at how reasonable liveaboard scuba diving prices in the Maldives are: a week-long cruise on a safari ship which includes two or three dives per day will typically cost about USD$180 to USD $220 per person per night.  As well as the cost of diving in Maldives, this also includes all meals and accommodation whilst on the boat along with a few excursions, so it’s really quite a good deal.  To find the best scuba diving cost in Maldives, you should keep your eyes open for last minute deals and special offers on liveaboard diving holidays which usually give you reduced diving prices in the Maldives.  If you have never dived before, you’ll also need to factor in the diving price in Maldives of taking your PADI Open Water qualification.  It is sometimes possible to take this from a liveaboard (but make sure you check before) and most resort dive centres also offer this and other PADI courses.  Finally, you need to remember that as well as scuba diving in Maldives costs, you will also need to bring your own equipment or rent it from the liveaboard or resort dive shop.  All boats and dive centres offer equipment rental, but again, it’s best to reserve it in advance.  Overall, scuba diving in the Maldives prices are comparable with scuba diving prices around the world and if you look carefully, it is possible to book cheap scuba diving holidays in Maldives.

Diving Boats in the Maldives

Undoubtedly the best way to enjoy scuba diving in Maldives is by taking a diving safari in Maldives.  These cruises are held on board liveaboard safari ships and typically, they are all inclusive diving holidays in Maldives that include all scuba diving, meals and transfers to and from the airport, as well as the occasional excursion from the boat.  Liveaboards scuba diving in Maldives is really great fun and is perfect for couples, families, groups of friends and even single divers.  If you arrive in the Maldives completely alone, you will definitely leave with many more friends.

Maldives Underwater Grey Reef Shark1 Diving Holidays in Maldives

Grey Reef Shark seen at Rasdhoo Madivaru

When to go Diving in the Maldives

Scuba diving holidays in Maldives are possible year round, although there are seasons: the Northeast Monsoon season (November to April) and the Southwest Monsoon season (May to October).  Most people will tell you that the best diving season in the Maldives is the Northeast Monsoon season as this is when the weather is drier, visibility is better and the ocean is calmer.  Officially, this is when the “peak” diving season is and as such the price of scuba diving in the Maldives is a little higher at this time and generally, you will find the very best conditions for diving in the Maldives in January and December. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a holiday diving Maldives in July, because there are still many diving cruises in Maldives, it’s just that they will visit different dive sites.  In fact, the summer months of July and August are the best months for seeing the manta rays in Hanifaru and while you might have the occasional rainfall or thunderstorm; these typically clear after a short time, revealing clear sunny skies.  So, don’t think it’s not possible to go to the Maldives diving in August, because it is, just be prepared to visit different areas: the best diving site in Maldives in January will be different from where is the best diving in the Maldives in August.

Diving Accidents in Maldives

The Maldives is one of the safest scuba diving destinations in the world and the number scuba diving accidents in Maldives are very small.   Safety procedures are rigorous and are in place at all resorts and onboard all liveaboard dive ships.  Nevertheless, you should always carry out the standard safety procedures as taught in your PADI training for both you and your dive buddy.

Find Out More about Diving in Maldives

Once you have decided you would like to go diving in the Maldives, there is plenty of research you can do online.  There are many scuba diving websites and many Maldives-related websites, all of which have information about scuba diving tours in Maldives, stories and news about diving holidays in the Maldives, resources about where you can rent diving equipment in Maldives and up-to-date offers with special diving prices in Maldives.

You will most likely spend days and days looking at the millions of scuba diving pictures in the Maldives that you can find online and when you’re ready to get really excited about your trip, check out the many diving in Maldives videos.

Please contact us to book your Maldives diving holidays.

Visit Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll, Maldives

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Hanifaru Bay is located in the Baa Atoll Hanifaru in the Maldives.  For several years now, Hanifaru Bay Maldives has become known as one of the prime dive spots in the world. diving Hanifaru Bay is so special because of the abundance of Hanifaru Bay manta rays.  The manta rays are attracted to Hanifaru Maldives because this area is home to incredible amounts of plankton.  The Hanifaru mantas, which are filter feeders that thrive on plankton, come to Hanifaru to feast on the zooplankton.  What makes Hanifaru diving even more special is that when the Maldives mantas Hanifaru Bay gather to eat the plankton, there can often be more than 200 manta rays, and they gather in a frenzy of feeding action, swirling around in the water and gobbling up the delicious plankton.

See our Maldives 2011 Summer Specials for Hanifaru Dive Trips

Maldives Underwater Photos Beautiful Manta Rays Visit Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll, Maldives

Manta Ray Feeding Frenzy at Hanifaru Bay in the Maldives

When learning about Hanifaru Bay Malediven, the first thing to know is where is Hanifaru Bay.  A quick look at a Hanifaru map will show you that Hanifaru Maldive is located in the Maldives, which are in the Indian Ocean, close to India.  More specifically, Hanifaru Bay, Maldives is located in the northern area of the Maldives and the best way to visit Maldives Hanifaru is by liveaboard Hanifaru Bay.  The Hanifaru Atoll is located quite a distance away from some of the more popular atolls in the Maldives, so diving Hanifaru can be difficult if you’re not staying in the hotels near Hanifaru Bay. While it is possible to stay at one of the luxurious Hanifaru resorts like Hanifaru Royal Island, or perhaps at one of the cheap hotels near Hanifaru Bay, by going on a Hanifaru liveaboard, you will cruise around the Hanifaru Bay Baa Atoll, visiting nearby dive sites and sleeping on the liveaboard Hanifaru.  This way, you will be close to Hanifaru tauchen when you are ready to dive Hanifaru, and if you have to wait for the right conditions, you will be close to Hanifaru thila.  On another note, there really are not that many resorts near Hanifaru Bay for you to choose from apart from the Royal Island Hanifaru, so if you’re interested in spending time in a resorts near Hanifaru, you’d be better off choosing a resort somewhere else in the Maldives and making a two-centre holiday that would include a liveaboard to Hanifaru plus a few nights in a deluxe resort, allowing you to experience the two best parts of this amazing country.

Hanifaru Bay Liveaboard Cruises

There are many different Hanifaru liveaboards to choose from, all of which offer onboard accommodation and dive trips to Hanifaru Baa Atoll on a separate dive boat, known as a dhoni.  You can choose the perfect Maldives liveaboard Hanifaru for your Hanifaru Bay diving trip based on your budget and your personal taste. MS Stingray Hanifaru is a great option for a Hanifaru cruise if you’re looking for a more economical Hanifaru diving trip.  You can expect to pay around $180-$200 per person per night on a Hanifaru bucht like the MS Stingray, which includes all meals and Hanifaru tauchsafari diving.  It does not include the price of the flights to the Maldives.  Holidays in Hanifaru island Maldives need to be a bit longer than some Maldives diving trips because Hanifaru reef is quite a distance from the city of Male.  When researching what dive boats go to Hanifaru Bay, you will also find trips on Hanifaru Theia, Black Pearl + Hanifaru  and Hanifaru MV Orion, both of which are more upmarket Hanifaru Maldives liveaboard.  These Hanifaru Bay safari ships are more akin to super cruisers that you might see sailing the Caribbean or the French Riviera and offer a level of luxury for your Hanifaru accommodation that will make your Hanifaru Bay Maldives diving trip a real holiday to remember.

See our Maldives 2011 Summer Specials for Hanifaru Dive Trips

The most commonly asked question about Hanifaru Bay, Baa Atol Maldives is when is the best time to visit Hanifaru rah to be in with the best chances of diving in Hanifaru with manta ray Maldives Hanifaru and whale sharks Hanifaru. Manta ray Hanifaru and whale sharks manta Hanifaru Bay are attracted to the malidiven Hanifaru Bay because of the large amounts of plankton that appear in Hanifaru Bay tauchen at certain times of the year.   The Hanifaru reef Maldives is best visited in the months of July and August each year, when the Hanifaru plankton bloom is most prolific.  Still, a visit on any July or August day to Hanifaru Bay in the Maldives does not guarantee that you will see the amazing feeding frenzy.  That is why we recommend visiting on a Hanifaru Bay liveaboard, so if conditions are not perfect, you can go and enjoy a nearby Hanifaru dive and then return to Hanifaru Island when conditions are improved.  Many people also want to know how long feeding frenzy last Hanifaru, and the answer is that it can vary dramatically, typically the Hanifaru manta ray congregation lasts for around an hour or until the mantas Hanifaru have eaten all the plankton.

Theia 2 Visit Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll, Maldives

Theia offers Dive Safaris to Hanifaru Bay

See our Maldives 2011 Summer Specials for Hanifaru Dive Trips

There is a good variety of Hanifaru dive sites to choose from, so while you are waiting to enjoy the real “feeding frenzy”, you can still be exploring the opportunities to dive Hanifaru Maldives.  Very close to where is Hanifaru Maldives, you will find a cleaning station popular with the Hanifaru Maldives manta rays and whale sharks, where you can often see up to 5 manta rays having their gills cleaned out by smaller fish.

Once you have decided to go on Hanifaru holidays, you will not look back.  Travelling to Hanifaru Maldives, for many will be the highlight of a life of diving.  Nowhere else on earth can you find as many manta rays as you will find in the Baa Atol, Hanifaru, and because of a recent move to protect Hanifaru manta rays in the Hanifaru malediven area, it is hoped that diving in Hanifaru Bay will remain one of the most amazing Hanifaru Maldives diving spectacles in the world for many years to come.  So, in short, if you have the opportunity to go to Hanifaru, you should not pass it up!

When looking to reserve your Maldives holidays Hanifaru Bay, you will find a wealth of information on the internet.  Maldives Dive Travel Hanifaru offer a wide selection of Hanifaru Bay trips, including a choice of Hanifaru discovery safaris that typically depart in July and August of each year, which is the Hanifaru best season in terms of diving with manta rays and whale sharks.  On the website, you will find plenty of Hanifaru photos, Hanifaru Maldives map, information about Baa Atoll diving in Hanifaru Bay and about the cost to go to Hanifaru Bay.  Also on the website, you can reserve a maledivy diving Hanifaru adventure on one of many liveaboards in Hanifaru protected marine area and if you’re looking for up-to-date information about Hanifaru Bay – Maldives, you can check out the regularly updated Maldives diving blog Hanifaru.  There are also plenty of resources on Facebook, including a Hanifaru Maldives dive travel Facebook page and a Hanifaru facebook Theia liveaboard page, which allow you to connect directly with other divers and share your personal experiences with other interested travelers as well as finding out about exclusive offers on Hanifaru trips and holidays in Hanifaru Maldives.

See our Maldives 2011 Summer Specials for Hanifaru Dive Trips

If you would like to book a dive safari to the Maldives please check out our diving liveaboards or contact us.

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Theia Maldives Liveaboard Video Tour

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Take a virtual tour of the upper and top deck as well as the dive boat of luxury liveaboard Theia in the Maldives.

Male International Airport

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Male Int. Airport

male international airport maldives 300x225 Male International Airport

Maldives International Airport

Male international airport is the international airport of the Maldives. All flights to the Maldives land at Male airport.  Since the Maldives is a very popular destination, and air is the only means of transport for travelling here, you will find flights to Male international airport from many different countries including the UK, Austria, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Singapore, to name a few.

Officially, the name of Male airport is Male interantional airport, but that has not always been the case. Formerly, the Male airport name was Hulhule Airport, Male airport where is located on Hulhule Island. The Male international airport name changed from Hulhule to Male in 1981 when the Maldives Male airport privatization occurred.  The Male intl airport is the only airport in the Maldives that accepts international flights. There is another Male Maldives airport, called Gan, but this does not yet accept international flights.  There are regular flights between Male Hulhule airport and Gan airport.

There are a variety of Male airport services, including internet access, buy dollars Male airport, gift shop, Male international airport shops, post office, airport Male travel agency and restaurants at the airport Male.  These Male airport facilities are aimed to make your waiting time in the airport as pleasant as possible. If you need are thinking about getting us dollars in Male airport, this is possible.  These Male airport shops do not come for free, however, and as such, a US$ 12 airport tax Male is charged as a departure tax to all passengers leaving Male airport Maldives. Most of the time, the Male airport tax is added to all airline tickets, but sometimes the Male airport departure tax is not added and you might have to pay the Male airport taxes at the Male international airport Maldives.

Video of landing at Male Intl Airport

The Male intl. airport has not always been so well equipped.   Facilities at Male airport were greatly improved in a recent renovation and now the shopping Male airport is quite good with many items being sold in the duty free shops.  However, things are not really that cheap, so don’t come to Male airport duty free planning on doing a lot of tax free Male airport shopping!

Where is Male airport? The international Male airport is located on Hulhule island, in the North Male Atoll.  Maldives Male airport is located very close to some of the resorts in the Maldives, but other resorts can be located up to several hours away by water taxi. For this reason, travel to Male international airport is often done in a small airplane.  How to go to Male from airport? If your destination is Male, which it probably will be if you are going on a liveaboard holiday,

The Male int airport is just a few kilometers away from Male and you can get from Male to airport quickly in a water taxi.

Male Airport Flights

At present, there are 25 airlines flying to Male international airport from more than 25 cities around the world.  Flying from london to Male international airport takes around 9 hours and flights from Male airport to other cities of course vary considerably in length.  The most common Male airport airlines are British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airlines and Lufthansa.  Departure flights from Male airport Maldives leave throughout the day every day of the year. There are no Male airport night flights; the last flight usually leaves about 11pm. There is not much going on at nigt time in Male airport, so if you have a very early or late flight, you should look into one of the hotels on Hulhule Island.  When at the airport, if you have a problem with your flight or need to ask a question, contact a passenger handling agent of Male intl airport.

Airport Male

Emirates flights to Maldives 600x448 Male International Airport

The Emirates Boeing 777 at Airport Male

You can find information about Male airport international departure and arrivals on the Male iternational airport website.

The most frequent visitors to the Maldives are the British, so Male international airport flights to UK are some of the most regular Male airport flights, mainly handled by British Airways or one of the many charter flights companies.  While the Maldives is becoming a more popular destination with Americans, there are still no flights with AA to Male intl airport and so to get to the Male international airport Male from the US, travelers need to connect through Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  Flights from Bangkok to Male international airport in Maldives, are some of the most common international flights to Male international airport from Asia, just like direct flights from Delhi to Male international airport.  For connections through the Middle East, you will find there are many flights between Doha and Male airport.

Male Airport landing

A quick look at any Male airport pictures will tell you that landing at Male airport is a spectacular event, since the Male Maldives airport flights land on the runway which is surrounded by beautiful clear waters.  In fact, the end of every Male airport flight will make you think you are about to land on water because from the window, you can only see water!  If you’re coming to the Male internacional airport to scuba dive, you’ll be keen to know whether you can partake in a Male airport dive because the water is so stunning. There is not much diving around the Male international airport MLE, because the waters here are very busy and it’s better to dive away from the airport, where you will see more marine life.  To get from Male international airport to Male, you need to take a water taxi from airport to Male or you can take a plane to another island.  Many resorts have their own transport to take you from Male international airport direct to your hotel.

Male Airport departure

When it’s time to leave the Maldives, you’ll be wondering how to get to Male international airport. There are several different ways, so it depends on where you were staying and what you were doing.  There are many water taxi service to Male international airport, and some resorts offer flights to Male internaional airport.  Alternatively, you can find flights Male international airport from a selection of Male dives airport name.  Once you arrive at where is Male i nternational airport, you will need to check whether your ticket already includes the airport departure tax in Male. Of course, if it’s not included, is there any facility to pay fine in Male international airport.    The amount of airport tax of Male internationnal airport is US$ 12.  When you are checking in, it’s also a good time to see about getting a Male airport upgrade on your flight.  When all this is done, you can spend the rest of the time enjoying the duty free at Male airport.  Be aware that any liquids purchased in Male airport duty free dive will be kept by the duty free shop inside international airport Maldives Male and then handed to you as you board the plane.

Airport Tax

The Male airport fee, otherwise known as the airport taxes Male has also helped create a strong Male airport online presence.  On the website,, there is lots of information, including Male online airport inf ticket prices, Male international airport information, details of the facilities within the airport, including the Male airport foreign exchange, details of the airlines coming to the airport, the Male airport leaving tax,  flight schedule Male international airport and much more, including the Male airport contact details. On this website, you will also see a selection of Male airport pics and Male airport photo.

The exact Male international airport address is:

Maldives Airports Company Ltd.

Malé International Airport, Hulhulé – 22000, Republic of Maldives

The other Male international airport contact details are:

Telephone: (960)3338800 / (960)3325511


More information can be found about Male international airport and fares on the many Maldives-related websites that you can find online. As well as learning where is Male international airport, you will also find lots of pictures of Male airport, airport taxes in Male, information about where to buy online ticket from Male to Gan airport in Maldives, details about shops selling tax frees on Male airport and much more.

Also visit our page about Male International Airport

Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives

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Scuba Diving

Maldives diving holidays are a great opportunity to experience diving in the Maldives. If you have any experience in scuba diving holidays, or have spent any time around keen scuba divers, you will most likely have heard that holidays spent diving in Maldives are some of the best diving holidays in the world. There are many reasons that make diving Maldives so great, but the best thing about Maldives scuba diving is the sheer abundance and variety of underwater marine life.

GOPR0202 Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives

No matter how many times you visit the Maldive,scuba diving you will always find a new scuba diving experience waiting for you. There are many Maldives diving highlights, one of which is Hanifaru Bay diving, where you will have the chance to experience one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the underwater world. If you go Hanifaru diving, at the right time of year, you will see incredible numbers of manta rays that gather in this bay to feed on the massive amounts of plankton. You are almost likely to see several diving maldive whales sharks here, which also thrive on this planton. Diving Hanifaru Bay is just one of the many places where you can enjoy shark diving in Maldives. Maldives shark diving is possible throughout the archipelago, where you will see many different species of sharks, although whale sharks are perhaps the biggest attraction to divers in the diving Maledives, because of their enormous size and docile nature. If you’re keen on shark diving Maldives, you’ll be interested to know that you can also expect to see a variety of reef sharks and zebra sharks while in the Maldives.

Maldives Diving

The other great thing about diving holidays in the Maldives is that they can be enjoyed year-round. There are several Maldives diving season. The best time to enjoy Maldives scuba diving holidays is between December and March, when the weather is at its driest and the visibility at its best. Diving holidays February is probably the best month of all to enjoy Maldives diving trips, but since most of us don’t have the luxury to enjoy holidays in the month of February, Christmas diving holidays are a great idea and you might even see Santa Claus diving! Imagine enjoying the glorious sunshine and crystalline waters of the Maldives while your friends and family back home are shoveling snow! If you can’t manage a trip at Christmas to visit scuba diving santa and you don’t have a chance to experience the best scuba diving in February, you can enjoy liveaboard diving holidays every month of the year. When you go on a Maldives liveaboard diving safari, the experienced crew will know the best diving sites according to the time of year, and they will make sure you get the Maldives best diving experience possible for the time of year that you visit.

Liveaboard Diving

There are many different liveaboards to choose from when you’re looking for a Maldives diving holiday. You will find a liveaboard for every budget and level of comfort. Theia diving liveaboard is one of the most luxurious Maldive diving liveaboards, featuring Jacuzzis, massage tables and gorgeous finishings. Theia diving is quite expensive, however, so if the Maldives diving cost is something that concerns you, you might choose a different liveaboard, like Maldives diving Adventurer 2, that offers cheap diving holidays.

GBJ Theia Dec 2010 Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives

Other alternatives to Theia, Maldives diving include Black Pearl diving, another quality liveaboard that offers more cheap scuba diving trips. One thing is for sure, there is enough variety in the ships available to guarantee that you will be able to find the perfect diving holiday Maldives. And, while the Maldives diving price may vary significantly, last minute scuba diving holidays typically help you find the best diving Maldives price. To give you an idea of the diving prices, you should expect to pay around $180-250 per person per day, which will give you a diving holiday that includes all diving, meals and some excursions.

Diving Holidays

As well as giving you access to some great scuba diving Maldives, Liveaboard diving modern cruises are a great way to meet new people, and if you’re looking for a single scuba diving holidays, liveaboard diving trips are a great idea. Since you will be on a boat with a large group of other divers, a liveaboard presents a great idea for diving holidays for single travellers. In fact, as far as single diving holidays are concerned, there’s really no better option than a liveaboard diving holiday. Many times, people will go on all inclusive diving holidays in the Maldives without planning to be on a singles scuba diving holidays and because they are surrounded by people with similar interests, they meet a new dive buddy with whom they can then enjoy another scuba diving holiday.

Many divers will be keen to know the planned route for their Maledives diving trip. The exact route for your trip won’t be decided until everyone is on board, because the Maldives diving sites that you will visit depend on the weather conditions, the length of your safari and also the ability and experience levels of all divers on board. Most diving holidays Maldives last between 5 and 14 nights and typically visit two Maldives diving site each day. At the daily briefing, you will see a Maldives diving map
That shows the dive sites you will be visiting that day and tells you what to expect from each site. There are plenty of amazing sites for scuba diving in Maldives, these include Rasdhoo Kandu diving, among many others. At these dive sites, there will be opportunities for diving with manta rays and for enjoying sharks diving holidays. While scuba diving in the Maldives, if you choose to go liveaboard diving, which is the best diving in Maldives, you should know in advance that all dives are taken from a diving dhoni, which is a secondary boat that travels along with the diving liveaboard Maldives. All diving equipment is transported on the dhoni, and you simply travel from the liveaboard to the dive site each day on the dhoni. As these boats are far smaller than the liveaboards, they allow you to get much closer to the dive sites.

When looking to book your trip scuba diving the Maldives, there are plenty of resources. A quick search online will reveal many scuba diving blogs. A good scuba diving blog will be filled with useful information about diving prices in Maldives, travel diving in different destinations around the world and the best diving holidays. You will also find a variety of diving blog that have news about diving in general, the qualifications you need, places where you can buy diving kit and more. There is even a selection of diving screensaver available online. There is one particularly attractive Maldives diving screensaver which has gorgeous photos of underwater scenes in the Maldives.

GOPR0166 Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives

If you are a really keen scuba diver, you might even have your own scuba diving websites, in which case you might think about joining scuba diving affiliate programs so you can make money from sending your diving traffic around the web. Make sure you take lots of Maldives diving photos, as these are by far the best way to get people interested in diving holidays in Maldives.

If you’re concerned about the cost of scuba diving in Maldives, you don’t need to worry. While it is true that Maldives diving prices can be very high, it is also possible to get a great deal on a diving safari Maldives. The most surefire way of getting cheap scuba diving holidays is to book last minute diving holidays. All of the Maldives diving liveaboards have a certain capacity they need to fill, so if the time comes for the safari to set sail, and the boat is not full, the operators would rather fill the boat with reduced-price passengers than sail a half empty boat, meaning that last minute diving holidays are available. Without getting a special deal on a Maldives diving safari, you will find that Maldives scuba diving prices vary wildly, depending on the length of the safari and the type of ship that you choose to dive from. For the cheapest scuba diving, you should book on one of the more basic liveaboards, which costs about US$180 per person per night, including all Maldives, diving and meals. If you are looking for a more luxurious scuba diving holidays Maldives, you should be aware that luxury liveaboard diving trips cost over US$200 per person per day, but conditions will be far more comfortable and elegant.

GOPR0119 Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives

As you begin your research into diving holiday destinations, you will find that the marine life and the sheer beauty of the Maldives make diving Maldives one of the best diving destinations in the world. The best diving Maldives can be enjoyed at many times and places, although many people will agree that to enjoy the ultimate Maldives diving experience, you should come scuba diving in February.

Contact us to book your dream Maldives dive holiday!

Ten Reasons to Love Liveaboard Diving Cruises in the Maldives

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Going diving in the Maldives is one of those experiences in life that stays with you long after you’ve left the country’s pristine islands, swaying palm trees and crystal-clear waters behind. One of the top destination of choice for divers from all over the world, this tiny Indian-Ocean Republic is made up of more than a thousand tropical islands crowning an intricate network of coral reefs, which spreads over some 900,000 square kilometers. Just beneath the water’s surface lie some of the planet’s best dive sites; home to an incredible variety of marine species. With stable politics, white sandy beaches, a balmy climate and friendly people the country’s overwater charms are also second to none.

In other words, choosing the Maldives as a diving destination is a no-brainer. But choosing between land-based or liveaboard diving can leave even the most seasoned scuba diver confused. Here is our guide to what makes liveaboard diving in the Maldives a firm favorite of the international dive community.

  1. Mobility

    First things first: because they are mobile, liveaboards offer a level of freedom and ease that is unmatched by other kinds of diving in the Maldives. Imagine arriving at Male International Airport and, instead of facing a long transfer to a far-flung island, being personally welcomed and swiftly taken to your boat, which is already anchoring nearby. Then, imagine spending your days being chauffeured between the best dive sites in the Maldives, enjoying top notch onboard service and cuisine, visiting local islands and watching the exotic scenery pass by as you relax on deck.

  2. Variety

    Because of their unique geography, the Maldives are blessed with innumerable world-class dive sites, many of which are yet to be discovered. In terms of offering easy access to as many of the best diving sites in the Maldives as possible, liveaboard cruises are simply unbeatable: no long transfers, no bumpy speed boat rides. Whichever direction your route takes, at the end of the trip your logbook is sure to feature plenty of stunning, and in some cases legendary, dive sites.

  3. Big Fish

    One of the main reasons the Maldives are so popular with divers is their abundance of large marine animals. After all, whale sharks, manta rays and various kinds of reef sharks are among the common fish of the Maldives. Encountering one of these giants of the ocean is a riveting experience, not unlike seeing an elephant or a lion in the wild, which is why liveaboard cruises also often referred to as “safaris”.

  4. Adventure

    Overall, boat holidays in the Maldives offer an irresistible sense of adventure. As the boat makes its way through the atolls, it often stops off at local fishing villages, anchors near uninhabited islands and crosses channels between atolls. Scuba diving cruises allow you to discover several atolls, meet locals and discover authentic Maldivian culture in a relaxed way. Not to forget that, on many liveaboards in the Maldives, you can spend your time between dives doing other exciting water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, fishing and canoeing.

  5. Friendly Atmosphere

    Whether you are a single traveler, on your honeymoon or coming with a bunch of friends, liveaboard cruises offer a wonderfully relaxed, flexible and social way to enjoy the best diving in the Maldives. Comfortable communal spaces offer plenty of opportunities to make friends and swap diving experiences over dinner, while the spacious layout of our ships allows you to find your favorite spot to read a book or watch the sunset.

  6. Affordability

    With the wide spread of luxury hotels and high-end services, the cost of scuba diving in the Maldives can be prohibitive. Though luxury liveaboards offer a superb level of services and facilities, prices are well below those of an island holiday. Also, package prices for cheap diving holidays in the Maldives tend to include numerous extras such as airport transfers, dive transfers, meals plus snacks and select beverages, island visits, sports activities and so on.

  7. Conquering an Uninhabited Island

    Most safari boat excursions in the Maldives include free visits to uninhabited islands and, if the weather allows it, dinner is served on the beach. Having an island (almost) all to yourself is an unforgettable experience: once you land on the island and venture away from the shore, you might well come across a variety of exotic birds, flowers and butterflies. On a few islands, you can even find remains of old settlements and temples.

  8. No Heavy Lifting, No Mosquitoes

    As mentioned at the beginning, diving from a liveaboard in the Maldives is easy. During the trip, there is no need to carry back and forth diving equipment, because all diving equipment is stowed directly on the “Dive Dhoni”, a refitted traditional Maldivian fishing boat, which acts as a floating dive base and accompanies the mother ship. Another great aspect of liveaboard diving in the Maldives is that, because there is usually a refreshing breeze and the ships anchor at a certain distance from the nearest island, you don’t need to worry about mosquito bites.

  9. Sleeping Under the Stars

    For many, no diving safari in the Maldives is complete without spending at least one night on deck. The stars over this part of the world are simply breathtaking and it is not unusual to see several shooting stars before being gently rocked to sleep by the waves.

  10. No Shoes, No News

    This famous holiday mantra is often heard on dive safari boats in the Maldives. If you want to completely switch off and get away from it all, there is no better place for it than a Maldivian liveaboard.

Contact Gundi or Barbara to book your next Maldives dream holiday!

Scuba Dive Cruise Report from Maldives Diving Liveaboard MV ORION

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This scuba dive cruise report, made on board MV Orion between the 15th and 26th November 2010 may give you a taste about famous dive sites Maldives and diving from a liveaboard in Maldives.

Diving starts in the early morning and makes your breakfast on board after the dive extremly tasty. After having a rest on board, the second dive starts before lunch – maybe whale shark watching in ari atoll? Dive number three is usually offered in the afternoon, in between the dives you have plenty of time to enjoy the comfort on maldives diving liveaboard MV Orion, one of the best Maldives dive safari boat. This is the latest scuba dive cruise report:

16/11 – Kurumba HR (N.MALE) – White tips, eagle ray`s
             – Lankan Manta Point (N.MALE) – 3 manta ray`s on cleaning station. 2 hawkbills

17/11 – Rasdhoo Blue (RASDHOO) – 17 hammerheads @ 28m. 1 swam around whole group.
                Oceanic eagle ray
              – Rasdhoo Madivaru (RASDHOO) – white tip shark`s, jacks, trevallys, napoleon, 5 grey reef
`s @ corner
              – Gangehi Beyru (N.ARI) – after snorkelling with manta ray`s. tunas, napleon, white tip shark`s

18/11  – Miyaruga Thila (N.ARI) – 3 grey reef shark`s, juvenile white tips, bat fish, trevally…
              – Hafusha Thila (N.ARI) – aquarium dive no current. lots of white tip shark`s, trevally,
                juvenile eagle ray swam with us  for nealy 10mins
              – Maaya Thila (N.ARI) – 3 grey reef shark`s, white tip sharks`s, turtle`s, sting ray
              – Maaya Thila (N.ARI) - nite dive: sting ray directly under boat, hunting moray`s, white tips,
                1 juvenile grey reef shark, turtle`s

19/11  – Fish Head (N.ARI) - Jacks, trevallys, turtles, sting ray, 2 grey reef shark`s
              – Dega Thila (S.ARI) – yellow paper scorpion fish, jacks, trevallys, turtle, bat fish, white tip sahrk
              – Radhdhiggaa Thila (S.ARI) – baracudas, white tips, bat fish, tunas, nudibranch`es, flatworms…

20/11  – Machchafushi Wreck (S.ARI) – guitar shark @ 30m, sting ray`s, bat fish
              – Snorkeling with whale sharks @ Maamigili Beyru – check out the Video
              – Holiday Island (S.ARI) – 1 whale shark, 25mobulae, turtle`s, white tip shark`s
              – Ariyadhoo Beyru (S.ARI) – snappers, sweetlips, napoleon

21/11  – 5 Rocks (S.ARI) – strong current, crossed from main reef. big napoleon, giant baracuda,
                tunas, white tip shark`s..
              - Kuda Giri Wreck (S.MALE) – brown paper scorpionfish, jacks, trevallys, tunas, nudibranches
                Traveling back to Male….

23/11  – Lankan Manta Point (N.MALE) – 6 manta ray`s on cleaning station, plus another 7 around station.
              – Feydhoo Finolhu (N.MALE) – nice wall dive, drift dive. green sea turtle
              – Maaya Thila (N.ARI) - lots of white tip shark`s hunting on top reef, along with 2 giant morays
                 fighting each other. Black spotted sting ray on top reef. 2 Hawksbill turtle`s and a cuttlefish

24/11  – Hafusha Thila (N.ARI) – Straight down to top reef, 6 adult grey reef shark`s, 1 pregnant, and
                1 juvenile grey reef shark, white tip shark`s, dog tooth tunas
              – Fesdu Wreck (N.ARI) – garden eels, nudibranch`es, white tip
              – Fish Head (N.ARI) - 5 grey reef shark`s with 4 white tip shark`s and 2 napoleon`s with hawksbill. lots of trevally
                and giant trevally, some sting ray`s in overhangs. end of dive 2 grey reef shark`s on top reef.
25/1 1 – Omadhoo Thila (S.ARI) – tunas, red snappers, sweetlips, soft corals
              – Black Coral (S.ARI) – turtle, sting ray, moray eal`s, black coral bushes, juvenile white tip shark`s
              – Dega Thila (S.ARI) – sting ray`s, overhangs, trevally, no leaf fish

26/11  – Radhdhiggaa Thila (S.ARI) – grey reef shark`s, soft corals, sea fans, trevally…
              – Snorkelling with 2 whale sharkscheck out the Video
              – Maamigili Beyru (S.ARI) – 1 whale shark on the dive!
              – Kudarah Thila (S.ARI) - short headed anemone shrimps, blue stripped snapper`s,
                seafan`s, soft corals

sounds good?

This could be your scuba diving holidays in maldives. See more details about the comfortable maldives diving liveaboard MV Orion here … We are happy to be at your service in case you have more questions or if you want to place your booking for your scuba dive cruise in Maldives.

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Your Maldives vacation package: Stay seven nights and pay only for five nights on the brand new MV Orion Maldives

November 24th, 2010 Comments off

MV Orion is one of the best Maldives liveaboards and offers a sensational last minute price for maldives diving holidays.

seven nights on board for the price of five nights
only US $ 1,495  per person

Orion Your Maldives vacation package: Stay seven nights and pay only for five nights on the brand new MV Orion Maldives

MV Orion is brand new - Nitrox free of charge on board

The MV Orion is a brand new, luxurious super cruiser eager to chaperone guests to some of the Maldives most alluring dive sites. When on board, guests can enjoy a library, bar, jacuzzi and top of the line massage services. Nitrox, all dives and full board accommodation are included in the package price.

Orion private deck Your Maldives vacation package: Stay seven nights and pay only for five nights on the brand new MV Orion Maldives

MV Orion Maldives private deck for the Executive Suite

Stay seven and pay only five nights is valid for all bookings from 19 Nov 2010 for the following cruise dates:

29 Nov  – 6 Dec 2010
6 – 13 Dec 2010
13 – 20 Dec 2010
3 – 10 Jan 2011
10 – 17 Jan 2011
17 – 24 Jan 2011
24 – 31 Jan 2011

only US $ 1,495  per person

Orion dhoni2 Your Maldives vacation package: Stay seven nights and pay only for five nights on the brand new MV Orion Maldives

MV Orion Maldives diving boat

Check-in, check-out:
Cruise start and end is in Male. Meeting for transfer to the boat is at 1200 noon in Male airport on cruise start day. You will have checked out by 10:00am latest on the last day of the cruise.  Take these times into account when booking flights to and from the Maldives.

This last minute offer will sell out fast, so book your maldives diving vacation now and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy terrific diving and cruising in the Maldives at an unbeatable price!

We are happy to be at your service in case you have more questions or if you want to place your booking:

contact us now!

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Theia Maldives diving liveaboard reports Whale Shark sighting @ south Ari atoll !

November 21st, 2010 Comments off

That`s exactly what makes scuba diving holidays in Maldives perfect for divers: Whale Sharks, the highlight for Maldives liveaboard diving. Guests on board Theia this week were lucky to see the Whale Shark.

whale shark Kopie Theia Maldives diving liveaboard reports Whale Shark sighting @ south Ari atoll !

 Maldives liveaboard diving at it`s best, seen this week on the Theia liveaboard dive trip.

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