Guraidhoo diving

October 1st, 2009

Day 3 after over night at Guraidhoo diving started from:

Dive 1: Cocoa Corner
Channel crossed to southern Ari atoll
Dive 2: Omadhu Thila
Dive 3: Kahanbu Thila.
Highlights of the day: Gary Reef Sharks, Napoleons, Eagle Ray.

Black%20Pearl Guraidhoo diving

Day 4
Dive 1: 5 Rocks
Dive 2: Ari Beach Beyru
Dive 3: Thinfushi Ethere Thila
Highlights of the day: Whale Shark at Ari Beach Beyru.

Day 5

Dive 1: Kuda Rah Thila (Protected Marine Area)
Dive2: Rangali Madivaru Manta Point
Dive 3: Raidhigaa Thila
Highlight of the day: Kuda Rah Thila was fantastic as usual and was full of fish probably ranked as the best of this week. 3 Mantas at Manta Point an excellent dive.

Anemone Guraidhoo diving

Day 6

Dive 1: Dega Thila
Dive 2: Dhonkalo Thila
Dive 3: Maaya Thila Night Dive
Highlight: Unfortunately no mantas at Dhonkalo Thila but we had a great night dive – an all included fish life package.

Day 6

Dive 1 and the last of the week was Makaru Thila also called as Hafsa Thila.
Highlights of the day were Gray reef sharks, white tip, tunas and jacks.

After a productive week of diving all the guests checked out and departed on morning of the 21st. Overall this was a great week of diving especially because of the manta rays and the whale shark. After accomplishing an outstanding season of diving, the Black Pearl ends the season on a high note.

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