Maldives own Anemone Fish

November 2nd, 2009

Amphiprion nigripes, also known as the Black finned anemone fish or Maldives anemone fish, is a clown fish of the genus Amphiprion. The Maldives own anemonefish, not know from anywhere else except nearby Sri Lanka.

Anemone fishes are specialized damselfishes that have adapted to living in a symbiotic relationship with anemones, and to such extend that they are rarely seen away from their host. There are about 30 species, all except one in the genus Amphiprion, 3 of which know from the Maldives.

 Maldives own Anemone Fish

Maldives own Black Finned Anemone fish

They can be found through most of the Indo- pacific and of the 1000 or so anemone species. The anemone doesn’t sting the fish as it recognizes it as being part of itself. Anemone fish feed on food drifting past and diet comprises zoo-plankton but may also nibble on algae growing coral bases nearby.

This clownfish is characterized by its rusty, orange color with a single white stripe running vertically just behind the eye. It can attain a maximum length of 4.3in. (11cm).

The Black finned Anemone fish is found in the Western Indian Ocean among the coral reefs of the Maldive Islands and Sri Lanka. It is often associated with the magnificent sea anemone, and typically lives in small groups. Black Finned Anemone is widely distributed all around reefs of Maldives and can be found at reef crests and slopes to depth of about 15 meters.

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