Manta rays gliding above and near.

March 14th, 2009


After a long barbecue dinner, diving resume the next day morning at 07:00 and dive briefing at 07:30 for Dhigaa Thila.

The current was medium strong and this made the dive easy. We began the dive at the rubble part of the site and swan out to the blue hoping to see some gray reef shark. After a while we came back to the reef and continued the dive observing the caves and overhangs where the soft coral thrive.

Himandhoo Thila as the second dive with medium incoming from the western side, dive began at the ocean side and we continued to inside the channel. The reef itself has nice underwater scenery with caves, overhangs, tiny channels formed between the large coral blocks.

Napoleon%20Close%20up Manta rays gliding above and near.

White tips, turtle and napoleon were among the highlights.

We moved to Dhonkalo Thila (Manta Point) for the third dive. The current remained as medium strong but out going.

As usual the dive began from the sand dune and we drifted to the end of the thila where the mantas gather for cleaning and feeding.

Once we reached the cleaning station we hooked to the sandy bottom and watched six manta rays gliding above and near us for almost the entire dive.

After the dive we moved close to the island Maalhos and anchored for the day.

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