Search continues for a second day.

January 26th, 2009

We started the day with high hopes of seeing a Whale Shark.

Our first dive was at Holiday Island Outer Reef. The current was mild with an average visibility; fish life was as usual few White Tips, Napoleon and all the other tropical fish on the reef top.

After the first dive we continued the search for the Whale Shark. We covered the whole outer reef of the southern edge of south Ari atoll but still no luck.

Once we arrived to the western side of the atoll, we decided to make the second dive at Huravalhi Beyru. Again still no luck to see the Whale Shark.

Searched continued till the third dive and when the time was up we did our third dive at Rangali Madivaru. The current conditions were perfect and this allowed us to see Manta’s.

After the dive we sailed to the barbeque island, Innafushi.

The divers are a bit disappointed but at the same time very understanding that after all we are dealing with nature and it’s just pure luck.


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