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Haveeru News Maldives

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Haveeru News Maldives

The Haveeru Daily, or ހަވީރ ދުވަހު ނޫސް in Dhivehi), was established on January 1, 1979 and is currently the longest serving daily newspaper in the Maldives. Abdulla Sodiq was the Haveeru Daily‘s first Editor, whereas the current Editor in Chief is Ali Rafeeq.

History of the Haveeru Daily

Owned by Mohamed Zahir Hussain, a close friend of the Maldivian president who has held numerous Minister level positions in the Maldivian government since 1978, the Haveeru Daily was registered on December 28, 1978 to fill the informational gap created when the “Moonlight” newspaper ceased publication.

Origin of the Name “Haveeru” Daily

The name Haveeru is meant to symbolize dusk, the time of day when the day’s heat begins to give way to the cool of night. Unlike most Western newspapers, which are delivered at dawn, the Haveeru Daily is delivered at dusk. Furthermore, in Dhivehi literature, “haveeru kurun” means the get-together of poets and writers for literary exchanges. Therefore, Haveeru symbolizes news, information and literary learning as well.

Haveeru Daily Accomplishments

The Haveeru Daily has accomplished an array of objectives, including:

  • The first newspaper to be printed by offset. The newspaper first rolled off Haveeru‘s own offset press on September 1, 2000, with a new enlarged size of 38x55cm. The size was later increased to 42.5×60.5cm on January 1, 2008.
  • The first newspaper in the Maldives to link up with a foreign news agency, the first such link-up being with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in 1985. However, the use of radio teletype receivers was not then a successful venture as news reception was often disrupted by unstable weather. Hence, Haveeru turned towards satellite communications, and the newspaper became the first Maldives daily to establish links, via satellite, to get news and information for the print media.
  • The first newspaper in Maldives to go online, called Haveeru Daily Online, updated daily on the Internet. Haveeru Daily Online was established in January 1997.