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Black Pearl divers catch sight of Silver Tip Reef Sharks at Bathala Maaga Kan Thila.

March 30th, 2009 Comments off

Poor Visibility, but Cool Sharks Nonetheless

This morning everyone woke up while the Black Pearl was moving from Maayafushi lagoon to Bathala Maaga Kan Thila and diving started at around 06:45.

We have noticed today and in the past weeks that the visibility is deteriorating.  These are the typical signs of monsoon seasons changing.  With less than 15 meters of visibility and medium / strong current still we managed to see gray reef sharks, white tip and the uncommon but occasionally seen silver tip reef shark.

Today’s second dive was at Hafsa Thila (also known as Makaru Thila) which is further inside the atoll near Maaya Thila. We had the worst visibility that we have experienced so far out of all the previous trips; Only 5 to 6 meters of visibility!!!!!

High Visibility Allows for Excellent Sightings

We moved to Rasdhoo atoll for the third dive at Rasdhoo Madivaru. With no current, but much better visibility, we were able to have a great dive. White Tips, Gray reef sharks and Mobula Ray were among the highlights at Rasdhoo Madivaru.

In spite of poor visibility today, we got to see a fantastic display of sharks, and most of all seeing silver tip reef sharks was totally worth it.