Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

December 27th, 2010

Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Theia set sail again on Monday, March 15 for another stunning cruise of the Maldives.  Weather forecasts for the week were good with an average temperature of 31C, but a few thunderstorms and light winds expected.

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Theia 300x225 Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Theia Liveaboard Cruising the Maldives

Theia Diving

Divers will enjoy two or three dives each day.  So far, they have enjoyed some awesome dives, including a dive at Boduhithi Thila in the North Male Atoll, where they saw a variety of sharks and some stingrays.

Maldives Underwater Grey Reef Shark1 300x225 Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Grey Reef Shark seen at Rasdhoo Madivaru

The next dive was at Rasdhoo Madivaru in the Rasdhoo Atoll, where they saw three manta rays, white tip, black tip and grey reef sharks and enjoyed excellent visibility.  Several dives were held at the Rasdhoo Madivaru since it is such a spectacular dive site, and during a morning dive at the site, the group was lucky enough to see a group of mobular rays.

Theia Liveaboard Manta Ray 300x224 Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Theia Liveaboard Manta Ray

After the Rasdhoo Madivaru, Theia moved on to Bathala Maaga Kan Thila where divers were treated to an amazing grey reef shark show!

Theia Liveaboard

Theia is definitely one of the most spectacular boats in the Maldives today.  These photos show some of her characteristics and amenities.

Sunset from Theias Deck 300x200 Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Sunset from Theia's Deck

Theia, like all liveaboards in the Maldives, is accompanied by an additional dive boat, known as a dive dhoni, from where all the dives are carried out.  All equipment is stored on this boat, making the guest experience on board even more comfortable since there is no need to carry dive gear from the main ship on to a secondary boat.  The dive dhoni also carries first aid and emergency equipment in case something should go wrong during the dive.  The compressor is also kept on the dhoni, so there is never any noise from the compressor on the main boat.

Theias Additional Dive Boat 200x300 Theia Liveaboard Cruise Update

Theia's Additional Dive Boat

Theia Cruise Special Offers

Theia is currently running a special introductory price of only $192 per person per night, which includes all dives and meals.  Flights to the Maldives are not included and neither is scuba gear, although this can be rented (just let the boat know in advance).  There are regular cruise departures on Theia and they usually last for 7 – 10 nights.  There are several cruises this year that are scheduled to visit renowned Hanifaru Bay, home to the manta ray “feeding frenzy”.  These cruises are scheduled for: July 19 – 26, August 2 – 9, August 9 -16, August 23 – 30 and September 6 – 13.

To book a space on a Theia dive cruise, contact Maldives Dive Travel today!

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