Vibrant colors of corals.

February 21st, 2009


After the barbeque night diving resumed the next day morning. Wake up 06:30 and dive briefing 07:00 at Thundufushi Thila.

This one of the biggest thila’s in Ari atoll with more than 2 km in diameter. The best diving is offered on the northern side of the reef. The main attraction of this thila is the vibrant colors of soft corals inside the caves and overhangs and the coral blocks away from the main reef in deeper waters.

The fish life is abundant here; schooling jack fish, tuna’s and very commonly sting ray can be seen resting inside the caves.

spiky%20soft%20coral Vibrant colors of corals.

With strong current can be a tricky dive and wouldn’t advice for novice divers.

For the second dive we moved to Dhonkalo Thila also a Manta Point in northern Ari atoll. Again this is a tricky dive if the current is strong. Today we were rewarded with many manta rays and we could stay at one point and just watch the graceful animals glide us few feet’s above and away from us.

After this dive all we could see on the surface was happy divers with smiles on their faces.

Third dive at Maaya Thila, as usual the fish life was very active and we had an incredible dive. With medium current white tips, octopus, turtles, sting rays were among the high lights.


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