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Maldives Dive Sites

The Maldives is host to some of the best dive sites and top diving locations in the world. It is one of the world’s premier destinations for scuba diving holidays, with hundreds of unique and great dive sites dotted around the beautiful island nation.

Boasting a plethora of stunning marine life like sharks, manta rays, breathtaking coral formations and brimming with exotic fish life, many of the best dive sites in the world are found in the Maldives. Moreover, the list of top 10 dive sites in the world usually contains a couple of dive sites from the Maldives, such as Fotteyo Kandu and Kudarah Thila.

Here we have compiled a list of the most beautiful and exciting dive spots in the Maldives:

Banana Reef

The Maldives dive site Gaathugiri, also known as Banana Reef, gets its name from the shape of the island when viewed from above. It is one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives, one of the first to be discovered. It is located to the west of... read full review of Banana Reef

Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila is a top dive site in the Maldives, situated about 40 minutes away from Maayafushi. The dive site is famous for its abundance of reef fish, like sharks, eagle rays and mantas, as well as a diverse mix of vibrant hard... read full review of Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Broken Rock

Apart from Kudarah Thila, Broken Rock dive site is most probably the most well-known scuba diving destination in the South Ari Atoll. This Thila is literally a broken rock with a 2-metre wide canyon that splits the small Thila in two parts,... read full review of Broken Rock

Cocoa Corner

Cocoa Corner is a dive site that can be explored in several different ways and with the right current and conditions, it’s is the best shark show around Male Atoll. Many dive guides consider crossing from Cocoa Corner to Kandooma Thila.... read full review of Cocoa Corner

Dhevana Kandu - Miyaru Kandu

Dhevana Kandu is a top dive site in the Maldives, known for its excellent coral growth and abundant marine life. This Maldives dive location is comprised of a main channel between Vihamaafaru Falhu and Kudadhiggaru Falhu, which is spliced in... read full review of Dhevana Kandu - Miyaru Kandu

Dhigali Haa (Horubadhoo Thila)

Dhigali Haa is a popular Maldives dive site for scuba enthusiasts looking for a varied balance of spectacular marine life and coral formations. In the past this dive site used to be busy location for shark hunters, and therefore is now a... read full review of Dhigali Haa (Horubadhoo Thila)

Dhonkalho Thila

Dhonkalho Thila dive site is a popular Maldives dive location, best known for its abundance of Manta rays and large reef fish. Also referred to as the "Manta Ray Car Wash" due to the abundance of mantas in addition to the natural... read full review of Dhonkalho Thila

Embudhoo Kandu - Embudhoo Thila

The Maldives dive site Embudhoo, has been declared a protected marine area for a long time. A firm favorite of scuba divers on holiday to the Maldives, this dive location spans almost 2 kilometers, containing a variety of features for that... read full review of Embudhoo Kandu - Embudhoo Thila

Fesdhoo Wreck

Fesdhoo Wreck dive site is a very famous shipwreck dive in the Maldives. Located just southwest off the coast of Fesdhoo Island, the Fesdhoo Wreck is a 30 meter long fishing boat, lying upright on the sandy seabed, at a depth of 29 meters.... read full review of Fesdhoo Wreck

Filitheyo Kandu

Filitheyo Kandu is a hugely popular dive site in the Maldives, a channel spanning 2 kilometers which is comprised of 3 smaller dive sites; Filitheyo Outside, Filitheyo Thila and Dolphin Corner.   Filitheyo Thila The dive site... read full review of Filitheyo Kandu

Fish Head (Mushi Mas Mingili Thila)

This Maldives dive site Fish Head – Mushi Mas Mingili, is a classic thila-style dive spot, comprised of a huge flat-top reef rising steeply from the inner atoll floor at 40-50 meters, culminating at around 10 meters from the surface. Due... read full review of Fish Head (Mushi Mas Mingili Thila)

Fotteyo Kandu

Many scuba divers consider Fotteyo Kandu to be the best dive site in Maldives and it is also rated among the top 5 dive sites in the world. The mouth of the channel is exposed to the ocean and during north east monsoon when the currents are... read full review of Fotteyo Kandu

Fushi Kandu

This is a spectacular Maldives dive site spanning a one kilometer wide channel containing five separate thilas. The thilas are mainly very narrow and long, initiating from a sandy bottom of around 20m - 25m. Once inside the main channel, the... read full review of Fushi Kandu

Fushivaru Thila

Fushivaru Thila is a top-rated Maldives dive site in the Fushivaru Kandi region, located towards the east side of Fushivaru Island, now a protected marine area. Fushivaru Thila dive site is the main diving attraction, beating the nearby... read full review of Fushivaru Thila

Gangehi Kandu

Gangehi Kandu dive site is one of the longest channels in the Ari Atoll, with a drift of more than 2.5 km from the channel’s entrance to the end of the dive at the inside of the Atoll. When the current is incoming at Gangehi Kandu, the... read full review of Gangehi Kandu

Guraidhoo Kandu

This top dive site in the Maldives guarantees a unique diving opportunity for viewing a wide range of marine life and stunning natural marine scapes. On the south side of Guraidhoo Kandu is the Guraidhoo corner, a famous dive site popular for... read full review of Guraidhoo Kandu

HP Reef

If you were asked to choose the best dive site between HP Reef and Nassimo Thila, the wise thing to do would be vote for both and rank them both equally as they are two of the most spectacular sites in the Maldives. Both HP Reef and display... read full review of HP Reef

Hans Hass Place (Gulhifalhu)

Also known as Kikki Reef, this Maldives dive site is a firm favorite of scuba divers and holiday-goers to the Maldives, due to its spectacular features. Hans Hass Place is an amazing wall dive 100 meters long, overlooking the depths of Vadhoo... read full review of Hans Hass Place (Gulhifalhu)

Kalhahandhi Kandu (Pannettone)

Kalhahandi Kandu or Pannettone dive site as it is also known can be subject to some strong currents at times and washing machines and underwater turbulence is created here, so it is only suitable for novice divers when there are no currents.... read full review of Kalhahandhi Kandu (Pannettone)

Kandooma Thila

Shaped like a teardrop, Kandooma Thila dive site is one of the most spectacular dives in the South Male Atoll, for scenery as well as for prolific fish life. Subjected to strong currents, a quick descend is necessary at Kandooma Thila. The dive... read full review of Kandooma Thila

Karibeyru Thila

The dive site in Maldives known as Kari Beyru Thila is a long, narrow stretch in the North-South plane along the eastern edge of the atoll. There are numerous interesting caves to explore, which are rich in coral growth and marine life. The... read full review of Karibeyru Thila

Kuda Haa

The Kuda Haa dive site has two main peaks over the length of around 100 meters, and although this Maldives dive site does not have many spectacular rock features, the marine life is both diverse and in abundance. The two peaks extend from the... read full review of Kuda Haa

Kudarah Thila

Kudarah Thila is one of the most exciting dive sites in the Maldives, situated 1km south of Kudarah, in South Ari Atoll. The reef top is at 14 meters with steep drop-offs to 20 and 25 meters on most sides. You will find isolated outcrops of... read full review of Kudarah Thila

Kuredhu Kandu

Kuredhu Kandu dive site is a great dive location in the Maldives, famous for its diverse marine life and abundance of coral formations. Suitable for novice and experienced scuba divers, Kuredhu Kandu offers many overhangs, and is in fact a... read full review of Kuredhu Kandu

Lhazikuraadi (Hakuraa Thila)

Lhazikuraadi - Hakuraa Thila dive site is a stunning dive location and a favorite of divers visiting the Maldives, not only due to its stunning visual beauty but also the plethora of features it has to offer. Lhazikuraadi dive site is a thila... read full review of Lhazikuraadi (Hakuraa Thila)

Maalhos Thila

Maalhos Thila is strictly only suitable for experienced advanced divers.  The best part of this dive site is deeper than 25-metres. It is possible to dive at Maalhos Thila both when the current is incoming and outgoing.  The main... read full review of Maalhos Thila

Maaya Thila

Maaya Thila is one of the most popular diving destinations in the Maldives, renowned to be the premier spot for white-tip reef sharks. Although grey reef sharks are also commonly spotted in the area, it is the white-tip reef sharks taking all... read full review of Maaya Thila

Makunudhoo Kandu - Kuda Faru

Makunudhoo Kandu, located in Kuda Faru, is a popular 2km stretch in the Maldives, which has several dive sites. The entire north face has been declared a protected marine area, and Kuda Faru is one of the highlight in this region. Kuda Faru... read full review of Makunudhoo Kandu - Kuda Faru

Maldives Victory Wreck

The Maldives Victory Wreck is 110 metres long and lies at a depth of 35 meters on a sandy bottom.  The bow points to the north. Divers should plan at Maldives Victory Wreck their dive in accordance with their air supply and the time... read full review of Maldives Victory Wreck

Nassimo Thila

This spectacular Maldives dive site Nassimo Thila, Lankan Thila, is regarded by many as the best diving location in North Male Atoll. Also referred to as Nassimo Thila, Paradise Rock or Virgin Reef, it boasts stunning rock formations, caves,... read full review of Nassimo Thila

Okobe Thila

Okobe Thila dive site is one of the most uniquely shaped Thilas in the North Male Atoll and it comprises three large coral heads. Usually the boat is fixed to the mooring on the dive site and divers use the mooring as both the descent and... read full review of Okobe Thila

Orimas Thila - Maagaa Thila

Orimas Thila is a beautiful dive site in the Maldives, sometimes referred to as Maagaa Thila, named after the island to its north. The northern side of this reef which spans 100 meters in length, has breath-taking landscapes with numerous... read full review of Orimas Thila - Maagaa Thila

Rangali Madivaru

Madivaru is a Maldives dive site known best for its abundance of manta rays. Madi in the local language of the Maldives, means “Ray”, hence the name Madivaru for this site, which is also known as Hukrueli Faru. During the North... read full review of Rangali Madivaru

Rasfari Island

This top Maldives dive site is situated outside Rasfari Island and is very diverse both in terms of topography and marine life. The wide outside reef spanning over 200 meters has many sandy inlets and ridges cutting across it. The sandy slopes... read full review of Rasfari Island

Vattaru Kandu

The Maldives dive site Vattaru Kandu is a protected marine area, located in the channel south of Vattaru Atoll. Vattaru is a small rounded atoll towards the south of Felidhe Atoll, about 45 minutes from Rakeedhoo. The island corner of Vattaru... read full review of Vattaru Kandu
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